Boys' First Holy Communion Invitation Set - Retro Mid-Century Modern Design, Editable Text, Includes Thank You Cards & Envelopes


Introducing our First Holy Communion Invitation Set, meticulously designed with a boy in mind and inspired by the soothing greens and blues of a retro, mid-century modern aesthetic. This unique collection captures the essence of vintage design with its use of old-school retro fonts and atomic mod starbursts, evoking a nostalgic yet timeless feel. 

Each set includes a beautifully crafted invitation, a coordinating thank you card, and matching envelopes, with all wording editable. Add a photo of your son to the backside of this design. The beautiful color palette and mid-century modern graphic elements make this set an ideal choice for celebrating this significant religious milestone. What makes our sets even more versatile is the fully editable design. 

You have the freedom to tailor the wording to suit not only First Holy Communion but also Baptisms or Confirmations. This flexibility allows you to personalize each piece to reflect the specific celebration, making your invitations as unique and special as the event itself. Whether you're inviting guests to a solemn communion, confirmation, or a joyful baptism, these invitations set the tone for a memorable occasion.

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  • This design is a self-edit template. 
  • All wording can be changed.
  • Font colors can be changed.
  • Different fonts available.
  • Some layers can be moved around.
  • Images/photos can be uploaded.
  • Let us know if you need any resizing.
  • Unlimited edits/downloads.
  • We offer a printed version of this design.

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INVITATION - 5X7 inches (message us if you need resizing)

ENVELOPE (INVITE) - 5.25x7.25 inches.

THANK YOU/RSVP CARD - 5x4 inches (message us if you need resizing)

ENVELOPE (THANK YOU/RSVP) - 5.5x4.25 inches.

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