Retro 1950s Pin-Up Shabby Chic Rockabilly Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation Digital Download


Step into a world where retro charm meets bridal elegance with our Tea Party Bridal Shower Brunch Invitation and Thank You Card Digital Download set. This swoon-worthy collection is a nod to the whimsical and vibrant spirit of the 1950s, featuring a beguiling pinup bride perched gracefully atop a stack of shabby chic vintage tea cups. Her pose is playful, with one leg pointed up, capturing the essence of mid-century modern pinup artistry.

The design is adorned with atomic-era starbursts and a palette of retro MCM colors—teal blue, yellow, pink, and green. The use of retro typography and 1950s mid-century patterns across the invitation and thank you card designs makes this set truly stand out, embodying the iconic flair and swanky style of the era.

Perfect for the bride-to-be who adores atomic and mid-century modern design, this set promises to add a unique and memorable touch to your bridal shower brunch. With the ability to customize the pinup girl character, including hair, eye, and skin tones, every detail can be tailored to reflect the bride's personal style, making the invitations as special as the day itself.

Editing and personalizing your invitations is a breeze with instant download capabilities in Corjl, allowing for quick and easy adjustments. Whether you're drawn to the charm of vintage tea cups or the vibrant energy of mid-century modern design, this digital download set is designed to make your bridal shower an event to remember.

Upon ordering from our site, you'll receive an email containing a link to promptly edit and download this design to your device. Feel free to post, print, email, text. Try out before you purchase by clicking on link below.



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  • This design is a self-edit template. 
  • All wording can be changed.
  • Font colors can be changed.
  • Different fonts available.
  • Some layers can be moved around.
  • Images/photos can be uploaded.
  • Let us know if you need any resizing.
  • Unlimited edits/downloads.
  • We offer a printed version of this design.

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INVITATION - 5X7 inches (message us if you need resizing)

ENVELOPE (INVITE) - 5.25x7.25 inches.

THANK YOU/RSVP CARD - 5x4 inches (message us if you need resizing)

ENVELOPE (THANK YOU/RSVP) - 5.5x4.25 inches.

Corjl is a versatile design editing application that allows you to customize fonts, text, colors, layer positioning, add images, apply drop shadows, and adjust hue and saturation.

Corjl is accessible from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. For detailed designs, we recommend using a computer for enhanced options and easier navigation. No special software is required to use this editing program.

Each invitation design includes four template files: one for the invite design, the invite envelope design, the thank you card design and corresponding envelope template. The invite and thank you card designs consist of two pages, enabling you to edit the front and backside. Page 1 represents the front, Page 2 is the backside of the flatcard. 

The envelope designs comprises two pages: Page 1 for the envelope front and Page 2 for the backside flap design.

Once logged into the Corjl Design Application:

  • Download high-res files to your device.
  • Download as jpeg, png, or pdf files.
  • Post, print, email, evite, text, etc. 
  • Edit & Download for 90 days.
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We provide professional printing services. If you want to view the printed listing for these designs, in the SEARCH box type the SKU number without the "DP" suffix. For instance, if the SKU is "SW1000DP," enter "SW1000" to find the printed version of this design.

  • Print, post, text, evite, and/or email your personalized design files.
  • Please note that these designs are for personal use only and not for resale.
  • All artwork is copyright protected by Swirly World, LLC.
  • Sharing, distributing, or selling the designs or any elements within them in any other format, including templates, websites, brochures, advertising, or on any products, is strictly prohibited.
  • Designs are intended for ONE-TIME use only, as outlined in 17 U.S.C. 106(3) and 17 U.S.C. §109(c).

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