Digital Download Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Greeting Cards for Realtors® 


Embrace the joyous holiday spirit with our specially crafted greeting card designed for women realtors. This heartwarming card features a customizable avatar character, allowing you to select from various hair, eye, and skin tones, adding a personal touch to the adorable figure. How cute is she strolling down a winter sidewalk, gracefully carrying a stack of beautifully wrapped gifts against the backdrop of a charmingly adorned home, evoking the quintessence of Christmas cheer.

The scene is set with a festively decorated home adorned with all the Christmas trimmings – a delightful holly wreath adorning the door, and garlands cascading from the eaves, creating a picturesque setting. A magical touch is the enchantingly decorated Christmas tree showcased through the living room window, radiantly illuminated with twinkling lights, filling the space with warmth and holiday joy.

Customize the wording to your liking, tailoring the message to resonate with your recipients and express your heartfelt holiday wishes. Download instantly and feel free to post, text, email, or print as many copies as you need!

Upon ordering from our site, you'll receive an email containing a link to promptly edit and download this design to your device. Feel free to post, print, email, text, or use in your marketing campaigns. Try out before you purchase by clicking on link below.



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